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Of course you want to price the products in your online store as smartly as possible, taking into account the prices of the competition. With software that keeps an eye on the prices charged by the competition, you are already well on your way. Are you looking for good monitoring software?

Are you searching great monitor software?

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You have a webshop and want to use competitive prices. Your prices are not too high but certainly not too low. With Pricing Control, you use the most convenient tool that automatically keeps an eye on the prices and stocks of the competition. This application generates a daily price overview and stock overview of the items you specify.

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What we hear from our customers


"I have been using the Pricingcontrol program to our satisfaction for a number of years now. It is an ideal program to be able to monitor the prices of competing companies in a very simple way."


"Every day the prices of the desired companies are checked by the program, in other words very effective. In my opinion, the program is especially very suitable for small businesses who want to monitor the prices offered on the Internet in an efficient, simple and above all cheap way."


"The creators of this program have created a product with an excellent price/quality ratio."


"Enter new data and managing the results are even for a inexperienced computer-user easy. It is very friendly software."


"I use the program not only to be the cheapest but more to check that my prices do not differ too much from the competition."

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Automatically adjust prices

You can even automatically adjust the prices in your own webshop via the API, taking into account the margins you have specified.

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Smartly do business. Save a lot of search time. With the press of a button, you know the prices of the competition. Without visiting any other site!

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Why should you analyze competitor prices?


Gain insight into the strategy of the competition


Provide the best selling price

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Increase sales with your best prices

The benefits of PricingControl.com

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Easy to use;

No subscription or notice period;

Periodic reports.

API for automatically updating your own prices;

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