Frequently Asked Questions about price scraping

Below you will find the questions that we regularly receive. If your question is not listed, please contact us so that we can answer your question.


What happens if a price is not found at a webshop?

If we cannot find the price on a site, an error message will be generated in our system. Sometimes the error is very obvious, for example, if the webshop itself indicates that the page no longer exists. If we cannot identify the error automatically, one of our helpdesk employees will tackle the error and view it manually. If this problem cannot be solved, a problem message will be linked to the URL, which you will see in your error report. No credit will be charged if we cannot retrieve the price correctly.


What if the price that was retrieved has the wrong value in the system?

You can then easily report this error to us with a simple press of a button. We will check the operation within 1 working day and take action to solve the problem.


Can I automatically process the prices found in my own webshop?

Through our API, your web developer can easily make a link between the prices found and your own webshop. This allows you to determine how you want to process the prices. For example, always keep the lowest price, the average price, or even go below the lowest price.


Do you have a plugin for our webshop?

Because there is so many different webshop software it is hard for us to create plugin's for those systems. With the help of our API your webdeveloper can easily build a connection between your webshop and our API. You can also use our Generic Webshop Connector.


Can I search for products at the competitor by EAN or product number?

No, that is not possible, we have chosen this because this method is very unreliable. First of all, many webshops do not have the product number or EAN code with the product and in addition, it may be that the wrong competition is being viewed. By investing once in manual entry, you have much better results with which you really get the right data that is useful to you.


When I read an export into Excel, the prices are not displayed correctly.

Excel is probably set to the Dutch language and commas are expected as a decimal separator. By default, the decimal sign is a dot in the export. You can adjust this under the settings of your profile.


How often is the competitor's price retrieved?

You can set timeslots in which we will fetch the price for you. Every timeslot is 2 hour and thus you can choose 1 to 12 timeslots where we do the work for you.


What happens when my credits run out?

A few days before we expect your credits to be used up, our system automatically sends an e-mail. You can then easily buy additional credits. You do this by going to your profile in the PricingControl application. After payment, the invoice is automatically generated for your accounting. If your credits are completely used up, we will stop retrieving the prices.
As soon as you have purchased credits again, the system will automatically start retrieving the prices for you again.


Can I get assistance with setting up the system?

In general, our customers can set up the system themselves, but if you need help, send us a message and we will make an appointment to give some explanation by telephone. This is of course completely free of charge.


Will the owner of a webshop see who is checking the prices?

No, because we use different IP addresses, it looks like we are a normal web browser. The visited webshop cannot discover who has given the order.


Can I request additional functionality?

We always try to improve the product so that our customers get the most benefit from the system. If you have things that you miss in our application, we would like to hear them and we may be able to add them.