How does price monitoring work?

Price monitoring of the competitors prices is simple with the software of Pricing Control. It works with the greatest accuracy and is super easy to operate. With the press of a button, you will receive all the necessary information in no time.

Pricing Control works in the same way as search engines do to search the internet. This application only searches for specific information in the websites you specify.

Our agents (agents are a kind of robots on the internet) are constantly contacting the central database to see if they need to check an URL of a webshop to find the price.

Once there are queries, these agents will visit the website URLs they receive from the central system. The agent checks and analyse the data on that page. The results found are sent back to the central database. Because we can easily deploy additional agents as needed, we can quickly retrieve all data from the various webshops every day.


Always up to date with the latest prices

The price monitoring software ensures that you can check the prices and stock of the competition at any time.

Zo werkt de prijsvergelijkingssoftware in de praktijk. Snel gecontroleerd en aangepast

You don't have to be the cheapest, but you do need to be aware of the prices of the competition

It happens sporadically that the desired data cannot be found. We will then work even harder for you to make the system smarter so that it can be found. Because this is a continuous process, the checks are problem-free in more than 99.5% of the cases.


What when we don't find the price?

When a requested article or page is not available when there is a check for it, Pricing Control will report this. This could be because the page you specified is not accessible or the page is temporarily not providing pricing information.

Depending on the error, you will find a possible solution in the error report. Remeber, you will NEVER be charged for any work we do when we can't find the price.

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