Price scraping what it is and what can you do with it

Would you like to know in no time what prices your competitor charges at the touch of a button? That is possible with price scraping.

Scraping is an English term and refers to the automated reading of data from websites. This data is then converted from an unstructured format to a structured format so that it can be used conveniently.

Search engines also use a form of scraping to index websites with the aim of presenting the searched data through a single website.

PricingControl uses scraping to get the prices of products from websites and show them to the user in a uniform format. This way, you can easily compare the competitor's prices with your own. By using our API link, it is even possible to easily adjust the prices on your own site to the prices that your fellow entrepreneurs use.

Scraping of websites is not as easy as it sound. Because of changing technologies, firewalls, scraping detection and variations in webshop software you need to have quite some technical knowledge. Besides that you need a large serverfarm which scrapes the webshops from several locations to prevent being recognized as a scraper.