The cheapest solution for time-consuming work

Because we like to keep it simple at PricingControl, we have a simple pricing structure. We offer one package that is always up-to-date, so you never use an 'outdated version'.

As we like to keep it simple at PricingControl, we have a simple pricing structure.

We offer one package that is always up-to-date. So you never use an 'outdated version'.

At PricingControl, you buy credits in advance with which you can retrieve the prices of competitors. Each time we have successfully retrieved the price of a webshop, one credit will be deducted from your balance. This price check takes place daily one or more times (depending on your own choice). However, it is always possible to pause the price retrieval.


Automation only yields

A real entrepreneur not only looks at what something costs, but even more at what it yields. Using the calculation tool below, you can calculate for yourself what the automatic price collection will bring you. Visiting online stores manually and recording and processing prices takes a lot of time. In the calculator below we estimate 30 seconds per webshop. In practice, this is already very tight, you can also adjust this value yourself.

Try out for yourself what the Pricing Control will yield you by entering your own values in the table below.


Manual PricingControl
Number of products to check 200 pieces
Number of webshops to check per product 2 webshops
Number of checks per week 7
Time required per check 0 seconds
Hourly rate employee €0,00 euro
External costs per check €0,00 €0,00242 euro
Time required per day 0 0 hour
Time required per month 0 0 hour
Time required per year 0 0 hour
Costs per day 0 0 euro
Costs per month 0 0 euro
Costs per year 0 0 euro

Your savings per year are

The calculation tool above only calculates the costs and times of looking up the prices. It does not include the processing of the prices in your own webshop. Of course, you can use our API link for FREE to automate this as well.


Quantity discounts

You buy the credits in advance. We have a total of three variations. However, they all work the same way.


* The mentioned rates are exclusive of VAT.
* For 10,000 credits, you can retrieve the price from approximately 330 web pages for a month.
* You must use at least 1500 credits per calendar month. If less is used, the difference between the credits actually used and the 1500 will still be debited from the credit at the end of the month.


Feel free to take a look at the competition, we know what their prices are. We cost less money!