The solution for an effective and above all efficient price check

While steering your own course often seems like the best way to go, it is good to keep a close eye on prices from the competition. This can be done by checking hundreds of websites yourself or simply by using ingenious software that takes a lot of work off your hands, but above all provides very useful information.

Retrieving a price from webshops can have several purposes. That is why we have developed Pricing Control. An extremely user-friendly and effective way to check prices of webshops.

With the knowledge that most online retailers keep an eye on the prices of their main competitors in order to determine their own prices, we have made the software so that each target group can draw their own information from it and take action.

We don't have to explain that checking prices on other websites is a time-consuming job. Simply checking one article on two, three or more websites can easily take 10 to 15 minutes. And then you have to work undisturbed and fully concentrated. When you have to check 200 items or more, it is understandable that you only check 'the most important items'. You still have to spend half an hour on it, while the rest remains 'uncontrolled'. And let’s be honest: That's a shame!



Manufacturers and distributors use pricing information to, for example, determine their market strategy or monitor the pricing policy of other manufacturers' products. There is also the possibility that they check whether price agreements are being violated, so that appropriate measures might follow.


Checking the competitor's price

Retailers look at what the competition is doing with prices and adjust their prices accordingly (whether or not automated). Ultimately, they ensure that they are aware of the most current price developments in the competition.


"With the press of a button, you are up-to-date and you are where you want to be"

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