Dynamic Pricing to change prices based on the competitor's price

Get the best price with dynamic pricing and beat the competition.

Dynamic pricing is almost a must nowadays to survive in the competitive world of e-commerce. Despite the fact that "we ourselves" believe that service is at least as important as the price, the majority of customers will opt for the lowest price.


What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing is a method to constantly adjust the price of goods/services depending on external factors. For example, if your competitor lowers the price you can also lower the price, if they increase the price, you can increase the price. By using technology it is easy to get the most profit because you always have the most optimal price to get more profit per item or less profit per item and more sales.

Dynamic Pricing chart

By using variable prices, profits will increase.


How to find the perfect price?

By using our pricing control software you no longer have to view the prices at the competing stores on a daily basis and adjust the prices on your own webshop.

Isn't it much better when you can invest your time in marketing and collecting reviews or offering extra service to your customers?

By giving a minimum and a maximum price for the products that you define in our system, you can easily pass on the prices found and the range between which your price may fluctuate to your website via our API. Your own webshop developer can easily dynamically adjust the prices in your webshop using the information obtained.

Dynamic pricing to scale up your revenue

Because these types of tools are often very expensive and are linked to a scraping tool via a separate service, they are not used very often. You can also do it yourself, but it is a time-consuming job of hours or days that keeps coming back.


Dynamic pricing with PricingControl

With PricingControl you will get reports and decide for yourself what you want to do with it. If you want the prices to be automatically adjusted (within the margins set by yourself), you can use the API for free.

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