Determine stock status of a webshop

In addition to retrieving the price, PricingControl also retrieves the stock of a product. However, we must immediately note that this is not always possible, as webshops do not always disclose their stock status.

Within the application, you will find the stock status on the overview screen next to the price. This status can have a number of different values. The options are listed in the table below.


  In overview screen In Export Via API
In stock instock instock instock
Out of stock nostock nostock nostock
A fysical amount* y y y
In stock within x days** x-days x-days x-days
Unknown - unknown unknown
Unknown status found*** *unknown *unknown *unknown
Not possible np np np
No check done yet <empty> <empty> <empty> of null

*: in case of a physical amount, a number is actually displayed
**: for x-days, the x is replaced by a number
***: if an unknown status is found, we will try to add it

Since our administrators often have to manually configure the stock control, it can take up to a few days before the stock of a product is retrieved.

Overzicht van de voorraad van een webwinkel product