Retail price management

Online retailerOne of the most important conditions for making a purchase is the price. Combined with the right conditions, the customer will quickly proceed to purchase if the price is right.

As a webshop-owner, you know better than anyone that price is one of the most important buying arguments for the visitor to your website. There are various comparison sites and search options, making it very easy for the customer to find the cheapest provider. Retail Price Management is very important for every webshop-owner nowadays.

Your sales-price must not to low to loose margin and not to high to loose clients.


Competition analysis

By using PricingControl as an automated help, you can do automatic competition analysis. It is especially interesting that you not only know about the price changes but by using our smart API link you can implement a price change in your own webshop according to your own rules. You can indicate yourself 'to what extent it is allowed to go'.

De concurrentie volgt elkaar al. Prijs historie

In the reports with historical price information, you can clearly see that the competition is also following each other.

Our advice is to look up the 3 to 5 largest competitors (usually the top search results in Google Search) for every product you sell and have the prices and stocks of these companies checked by PricingControl.


"If the competition has no stock, the price can go up and you have more margin!"

At regular intervals* you can automatically compare the prices found via the API link. After that, your price will be automatically adjusted within the limits specified by you. You will quickly see that your website is increasing in popularity and that your visitors will make a purchase more quickly.

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* you can let us check the prices up to 12 times a day!