Pricing Control Manual

We have made it as easy as possible to add a product page of a webshop whose price must be checked. When you know which items need to be searched/found, they can easily be added without any technical knowledge.

The video below shows how easily you can add a URL via the "Quick Add" option from the management screen and define a webshop and a product at the same time.


The different elements

It is also possible to separately define and link the different elements: the webshop, the product and the URL. You do this by following the steps below.


Step 1

Press the "Management" button to go to the management screen.

Management Screen

Step 2

Create a new webshop by clicking the "Add webshop" menu.

Add a webshop interface

Step 3

Define the product by clicking the "Products" button. It is possible to enter a minimum and maximum amount. You can use these values for example via the API to manage your own margins. This option is also used by manufacturers/distributors, for example, who use Pricing control to check their resellers for the recommended retail prices.

Tip: by stating the product number of the item that you use in your own webshop in the name in the code, you can easily link the results to the product on your own website via the API.

Add a product interface

Step 4

Add the URL where the product can be found at the created shop. To do this, press the 'plus' icon next to the webshop in the list. Make sure this is the correct product page of the product and not a page with the results of a search, for example.

Add an URL interface

Save an URL interface

After creation, you will generally see the results under the "Overview" button within 3 hours*. It may be that the information from the webshop is not yet automatically recognized by the application. We will then add the store to the application within 24 hours (on working days) so that the prices can be read from the webshop.

Final overview of inserted object

It is also possible to insert data into PricingControl via the API connection or via importing data from a CSV formated document.